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December 2023

 Wetland Conservation/Restoration Project at Schapiro Reserve: The Schapiro Reserve is part of the generally forested watershed of the Chenango River in the upper Susquehanna River watershed. After the recent 100 years or so in farming, this parcel is now, part old farmed meadow, part wetland and the remainder mostly honeysuckle, an invasive species. SMHT engaged in a restoration project with the Upper Susquehanna Coalition, an organization aimed at improving the general water quality of streams feeding into the Susquehanna River watershed, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. More=>

December 2022

Grant Received: SMHT received a NYS Ag & Markets grant to acquire qualified appraisals on three farms which are interested in future conservation of the farm.  The appraisals will be critical in the grant application process in the next round of farmland protection grants offerings expected in early 2023.  The potential is for SMHT to protect ~750 acres of productive farmland.   More=>

December 2021

The NYS “Dairy Transitions” grant application was successful, and SMHT is working on the specifics to satisfy the requirements of the grant.  Access to trails at the Schapiro Reserve was improved by the addition of two sets of stairs leading down the steep bank of the feeder canal.  This was an Eagle Scout project. We are in discussions with two farms to purchase development rights under Round 18 if the NYS FPIG farmland protection program.  More=>

December 2020

We are working to protect farms under a NYS “Dairy Transitions” Farmland Protection Implementation Grants Program” to purchase the development rights and place a conservation easement on the farms.  The purchase money would enable the “next generation” in the family to assume ownership with the ability to reduce debt and enable improvements to sustain the farm into the future.  Prospects are really good for one of the farms.   Other activities are much the same.  More=>

December 2019

We continue to maintain nearly 3.5 miles of trails around Hamilton, open to the public from dawn to dusk, on the three properties owned by SMHT: Leland Reserve on Preston Hill Road, Shapiro Reserve on Randallsville Road, and Gateway Reserve on Johnny Cake Hill Road.More=>

December 2018

We have improved the trail at the Schapiro Reserve on Randallsville Road with regular mowing we can now handle ourselves. A grant from the Mid-York Foundation allowed us to buy a trailer so board members can mow all the SMHT trails.  More=>

December 2017

In January, we closed on a donation to SMHT of 39 acres of open space just 1 mile south from the center of the Village of Hamilton on Randallsville Road. This property, named the Schapiro Reserve, has great potential for public trails and access to special historic features, namely: the West Branch Feeder of the Chenango Canal and the abandoned bed of the Ontario and Western Railroad. More=>

December 2016

We’ve made great progress of the Gateway Reserve property acquired in 2015, on the Conservation Easement on Brackett Woods, and on our growing partnerships locally and beyond. We expect to close this year on a donation of 39 acres of historic land to SMHT.  More=>

September 2015

The Gateway Reserve in the Town of Madison, one mile north of the Village of Hamilton, at the intersection of Lake Moraine Road and Johnny Cake Hill Road; a 4 acre parcel which was purchased with donor funds in 2013. More=>

August 2014

We’ve made great progress on our new property, the Gateway Reserve, on the Conservation Easement on the Brackett Woods, and on our growing partnerships locally and beyond. More=>

August 2013

The Gateway Reserve is a four acre parcel located at the junction of Johnny Cake Hill and West Lake Roads that will provide public access to the Madison Feeder of the Chenango Canal and a “gateway’ to a larger protected wetland.  More=>

April 2011

At this year’s Land Trust Logbby Day, sponsored in Albany by the Land Trust Alliance, SMHT was awarded two grants: one for $5000 to enhance Board of Director’s Leadership, and the other for $2000, to help build a wetlands trail on our beloved Leland Reserve. More=>

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