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Roadside Cleanup - Route 12B

SMHT has adopted 2 miles of Route 12B North of Hamilton, NY as a member of the statewide volunteer roadside cleanup program.  We are fortunate that "our" two miles encompasses the frontage of the farmland we have protected under a protective farming easement. Our maintenance of the road started in July, 2007 with the removal of several hundred pounds of roadside trash.  In October 2007 we collected a like amount of trash, but in May 2008 we got much less and hope this is a cumulative effect of our cleanup on Route 12B.  Unfortunately, we continued to collect similar amounts in succeeding years.

Adam Schoonmaker, Harvey Kliman, Carolyn & Bill Todd
May 2013 Cleanup.

Debbie Kliman, Carolyn Todd, John Novak, Bill Todd & Harvey Kliman  - October 2013 Cleanup

Photo of October 2013 Road Cleanup
Photo of May 2013 Route 12B Cleanup

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Banner photo by John Hubbard